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Trash and Recycling Info


Home Depot is now accepting compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs for recycling, free of charge. Take the unbroken, expired bulbs to the returns desk of any store. For more details about managing used bulbs, see the Fairfax County compact fluorescent light bulb information page.


Reston Home Depot

1651 Reston Parkway

Reston, VA 20194

(703) 435-0778


For more informantion on CFL's see:

Home Depot EcoOptions Program (look for CFL Recycling link)

Fairfax County Fluorescent Bulbs Website


Recycle CFL bulbs.  They contain mercury.  DO NOT throw any fluorescent bulbs (CFL or tubes) in the regular trash!  Mercury will leach out of the landfills into the groundwater, potentially affecting us all.


What do I do if I break a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL)?

See the FAQ on CFLs                                                                          Updated 1/2014

Home Depot Now Accepts Compact Fluorescent Lights for Recycling

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LEAVES AND GRASS (in order of most preferred)

1. Reusable container

2. Brown paper yard waste bag (also known as a Kraft bag).

Both of these items are readily available in local stores. These collection methods are preferred because they do not add contaminants to the leaves and grass when composted.

3. Clear plastic bags should be used as a last option only because they cause significant processing problems at the composting facility. They are very difficult to remove during all phases of the composting process. Never use dark plastic bags.  Yard waste in dark bags will likely be treated as trash and not recycled.



Brush should be set out much like leaves and grass. Reusable containers and brown paper bags are the best methods to collect brush at the curb for recycling. Small piles of brush may also be tied into bundles with twine.


American Disposal Services Yard Debris Collection FAQ


Yard debris collection is grass clippings and leaves to be placed out in clear plastic bags or brown paper bags.


Personal containers may be used however need to be clearly marked "yard debris."


Tree limbs and brush must be no longer than 5 feet in length and 6 inches thick in diameter. These items must be tied with rope or twine in arm length bundles.


Items that are bagged or bundled or not to exceed 50 lbs. Items that are not acceptable yard debris collection are mulch, dirt, rock, and sod.

                                                                              (updated 04/2016)

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Computer Recycling

American Disposal Services 

    American Disposal Services

    P.O. Box 1326

    Centerville, VA. 20122

    Phone: 703.368.0500  Fax: 703.369.1133


Wescott Woods Trash Collection Schedules:

TUE - Trash only   WED - Yard Debris only   FRI - Trash and Recycling

WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE FOR RECYCLING?  CHECK HERE                      updated 4/2016)

Other interesting RECYCLING links to click on:


American Disposal Newsletter Signup

American Disposal Recycling Info - What Not to Put in the Bin

Fairfax County Battery Recycling Program (automotive, button cell, rechargeables such as cell phones, cordless drills, computers, other Ni-Cd, NiMH and Li-ion batteries) may be taken to the Fairfax County Transfer Stations and non lead acid batteries may be taken to alternate collection locations.

Fairfax County Household Hazardous Waste Program         (updated 4/2016)

American Disposal Continues Single Stream Recycling Program










See the recycling link that includes YES and NO items such as aluminum cans, aluminum foil & trays if rinsed and cleaned, metal food & beverage cans, clear & colored glass, #1 through #7 plastics including bottles, jars, wide mouth plastic containers and rigid plastics (buckets, etc.,). Empty aerosol cans, newspapers, mixed paper, junk mail, magazines, phone books and catalogs.


Cardboard boxes must be broken down and flattened no bigger than 3X3 feet. For larger cardboard boxes i.e. moving boxes, they must be cut down to 3X3 feet and flattened. These items may be commingled in the same recycling container. We prefer you do not use plastic bags for recycling.


Unacceptable recycling items are plastic food trays and cups, light bulbs, glassware (including heat resistant glass such as PyrexTM), ceramics (coffee cups, dishes),  pots and pans, paper plates and napkins, plastic utensils, batteries, Styrofoam cups, plates, bowls and to go food containers, rubber tires.


Single Stream Disposal is far more flexible than the service Fairfax County is able to provide at its transfer stations!  Get with the program!  For more information jump to the Trash/Recycling page.


Updated 04/2016

Single Stream Recycling is a new technology that allows participants to place all of their recyclables into one container. This type of recycling eliminates the need to separate glass, paper, cardboard, aluminum, steel, etc. into separate bins; which, in turn eliminates the necessity of multiple collection containers.


Recycling is much easier for the homeowner and recycling rates and yields increase an average of 30%

What is Single Stream Recycling?