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Computer/Electronics Recycling

Computers and other electronics are a part of life.  Make all of our lives better by recycling the precious metals, toxic and hazardous wastes contained in broken or obselete devices.


Scroll down the page to find several local, free and/or nominal charge recycling points

Best Buy

Goodwill Industries/Dell Computers ReConnect Program

Office Depot

PC Recycler

Staples also offers free recycling for many items.  See their website


Do you have others?  Email the webmaster at board@wescottwoods.org

Best Buy Recycling Program (updated 03/2016)

Click on the link above for details on the full program which includes major appliances and TVs when new units are delivered to your home, computer and audio visual products.  


    *  Three items per household per day.

    * Nearly everything electronic, including TVs, computers, DVD players, monitors, or cell phones.

    * We charge $25 for TVs under 32", CRTs, monitors and laptops. But you receive a $10 Best Buy gift card.

    * Desktop or laptop computers and a variety of other related electrionics


Just inside the door at every Best Buy is a kiosk to recycle

-batteries, rechargeable (NiCd, NiMH and Li-Ion only)

-cell phones

-ink jet cartridges


   Best Buy

   1861 Fountain Dr

   Reston, VA 20190

   703.787.3760                           Map to this location

ReConnect Computer Recycling Partnership (updated 03/2016)


Dell Computers and Goodwill Industries established the ReConnect Program in 2004 to take any brand of computers, scrub the hard drives, sell usable machines and recycle components and materials.  


Click here to find the expanded list and map of Northern Virginia drop-off locations.

Office Depot Recycling Program (updated 03/2016)

Click on the link above for details on the full program for tech product recycling.  You may buy recycling boxes at Office Depot.  


Fill the boxes up, and turn them into your nearest Office Depot location.


Small ($5): 8"H x 15"D x 18"W (Max Weight 20lbs.)

Medium ($10): 20"H x 16"D x 16"W (Max Weight 40lbs.)

Large ($15): 24"H x 18"D x 18"W (Max Weight 60lbs.)


   Office Depot Store# 339



   RESTON, VA  20190


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Community Links Trash/Recycling

Other interesting RECYCLING links to click on:                            (updated 03/2016)


Fairfax County Electronics Recycling Web Page


There is No Charge for Fairfax County residents to participate, however, they may be required to show proof of residency.  


Fairfax County Recycling and Trash Web Page